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Save and Continue

Quill Forms offers a powerful Save & Continue feature that allows users to save their progress while filling out a form and resume it at a later time. Each submission record is associated with a hidden anonymized value called a hash, which serves as a unique identifier for retrieving the saved submission.

Save & Continue Methods

Quill Forms provides two methods for saving and continuing form submissions:

1- Save in user browser Method

Quill Forms offers the option to enable saving the user progress automatically in the user browser.
Users can continue their form by simply returning to the original web page containing the form, but it must be done on the same device.

2- Link Method

Quill Forms also offers a link-based method that provides users with a link, delivered via email, to resume their form.
This method allows users to access their saved submission from any device and at any time.
You can choose to use either the cookie method, the link method, or a combination of both, depending on your requirements.

To enable the Save & Continue via link feature, you need to enable save and continue from the “Save and Continue” Panel

The only way to provide users with their Save & Continue link is through email so you have to add at least one email field at your form to capture the user’s email address. It’s recommended to position this field at the beginning of your form.
Simply click or drag an Email field to your form and save your changes.

After adding the email field in your form, select this email to be used to send the link.


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