So you’ve heard about the awesomeness of SurveyMonkey, but you want something with a little more oomph. You need something that has a bit more functionality with lower price. If this sounds like you, then read on! We’ve got you covered.

The world of online survey software is definitely growing rapidly as organizations and businesses of all kinds are looking for new ways to better understand their customers, market research and much more. Keeping this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to create a list of the top SurveyMonkey alternatives out there today whether you want something that caters specifically to market research or just want a tool that’s going to get the job done well and fast.

1- Quill Forms

Quill Forms is a great start to our list. This is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create beautiful conversational surveys, collect data, and see results in real-time.

It can be used for employee surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, market research and more. It’s a very intuitive platform that makes it easy to create and customize your surveys from scratch without any prior experience. You can also export your survey data once you finish collecting information and visualize your data in nice charts.

Quill Forms is free to use and the basic plan starts with $69 per year.

Key Features

– Easy to use online survey tool that helps you create surveys, collect data and view results in real-time.
– Easy to create surveys with a drag and drop interface that lets you add text, images, select from a variety of question types, etc.
– Collect data in real-time and see results in real-time as well.
– Create surveys that are accessible on all devices.
– Jump Logic to jump between questions based on a set of conditions.
– Compatible with Google Sheets.
– Advanced insights with charts and advanced filters to filter your results.
– Easy integration with Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot and many other CRMs.
– Integration with Zapier and Make( Integromat ).
– Export survey data as a CSV file or share it with others.
– Supports payments with Paypal and Stripe.
– Create polls and collect responses with an easy click and type interface.
– Survey results can be shared via email.
– Helpful customer support team available.

2- Google Forms

If you’re looking for a free survey tool, consider Google Forms. This application is accessible through the web browser, Chrome apps, and mobile devices. You can create simple surveys and a questionnairs.

Google Forms is great for creating feedback polls, product reviews, market research surveys, and more. There are a few limitations to Google Forms, however. These include data view-ability, data export options, and more. Also, Google Forms doesn’t support jump logic like SurveyMonkey. Still, Google Forms may be a great SurveyMonkey alternative for some businesses.

Google Forms is free for personal use, and business plans costs $12 per user, per month.

Key Features

– Very versatile survey builder.
– It has much more popularity since the free version is very powerful.
– It can be shared via email, link or it can be embedded on your website.

3- Typeform

Like Quill Forms, Typeform has an interactive conversational UI which encourages users to complete the form. However, the main difference between Quill Forms and Typeform is that Quill Forms is a WordPress plugin and Typeform is a SAAS application. Typeform is feature rich but the free version has many limitations in responses limit and most of its powerful features are in the pro version.

Typeform pro version starts with $300 per year or $29 per month.

Key Features

– Very well known brand.
– Supports many integrations with different CRMs.
– Jump logic is versatile with the flow chart
– Supports calculations and assigning points.
– The builder is intuitive and beginner friendly.


In this article, we listed the best SurveyMonkey alternatives. Quill Forms is one of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives since it has a powerful free version and the pro version isn’t expensive like Typeform. If you need a simple survey, then Google Forms is the way to go.

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